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Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, DE

3.00" H X 3.36" W
76 mm x 85 mm

The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse was built in 1767 with part of the money raised from a series of lotteries in Philadelphia. Cape Henlopen Lighthouse was located in the southern cape of the Delaware Bay, in the state of Delaware, near the town of Lewes, Delaware in the United Sates. In 1777 the lighthouse was almost completed burned down, and was restored and re-lighted in 1784. Over the years the wind erosion of the sandy area in which the tower was constructed eroded about 3 to 5 feet a year. Over the years measures were taken to stop or stall the erosion but eventually on April 13th, 1926, a northeastern storm undermined the tower and caused it to fall seaward. Before collapsing in 1926, the lighthouse guided vessels from the Atlantic Ocean into the Delaware Bay for more than 150 years.

New London Harbor Lighthouse, CT

3.09" H X 3.82" W
78 mm x 97 mm

The New London Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1761 and was the fourth lighthouse built in North America. The lighthouse made it through the American Revolution unscathed, helping to guide American privateers into New London Harbor. In 1801 a new 89 foot stone lighthouse was completed in New London. The tower still stands and is the oldest existing lighthouse in Connecticut. The New London Harbor Light remains an active aid to navigation and helps warn mariners away from dangerous Sarah Ledge. In April 2005, the ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the New London Maritime Society. The lighthouse is not open to the public but can be viewed from the sidewalk on Pequot Avenue, but he best view of the lighthouse is from the water.

American Shoal Lighthouse, FL

3.02" H X 3.27" W
76 mm x 83 mm

The American Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1880 and is one of 5 offshore lighthouses protecting ships from the dangerous Florida Reefs. The lighthouses are placed between Miami and Key West. The American Shoal Lighthouse is 109 feet above the water, and is visible on a clear night for 16 miles. These towers are all built of iron construction that resists the effects of hurricanes. The American Shoal Lighthouse is still active today, helping to keep the reef safe from the iron hulls of passing vessels.

Great Point Nantucket Lighthouse, MA

2.99" H X 2.60" W
76 mm x 66 mm

The Great Point Light also known as the Nantucket Light was originally built in 1785 and is located 7 miles for Wauwinet. The lighthouse is not accessible by road; a four-wheel drive vehicle and a permit are required to visit the site. The area is part of the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, much of which is off-limits. The Trustees of Reservations offers nature tours to the refuge, which include a climb to the top of the lighthouse. The original tower was destroyed to times, the first was in November 1816 by fire, and the second was on March 29th, 1984. The newest tower is a replica of the original 1818 tower. The new tower was lit on September 6th, 1986 and remains an active aid to navigation. To find out more please click on this link:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC

3.08" H X 2.57" W
78 mm x 65 mm

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, known as “America’s Lighthouse”, was originally built in 1803 on the head land of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Before the lighthouse was built, over 2,000 ships sank in that treacherous stretch of water, known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”. The original lighthouse was 90 feet tall and but it still was not visible beyond the shoals and ships continued to founder and were sunk. Then in 1861 the tower was severely damaged during the Civil War, the existing lighthouse was then built in 1870, 600 feet to the north of the original lighthouse which was then destroyed. The new tower is 208-feet tall and is the tallest in the United States, in 1999 the lighthouse needed to be moved back from the encroaching shoreline. It now sits ˝ inland. Stop in and tour the lighthouse and grounds, click on the link to learn more:

Boston Lighthouse, MA

3.02" H X 2.33" W
76 mm x 59 mm

The Boston Lighthouse was built in 1716 on the Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. It was the first light station established on the North American continent, and the last in the United States to be automated. It is also the only light station in Massachusetts that still retains an official keeper. The lighthouse was destroyed in the Revolution and rebuilt in 1783. In 1719 a cannon was placed near the lighthouse and used as America’s first fog signal. The lighthouse was destroyed in 1776, and was not rebuilt until 1783. Visit Little Brewster Island and the Boston Lighthouse, to find out how click on this link:

Little Sable Lighthouse, MI

3.00" H X 2.76" W
76 mm x 70 mm

The Little Sable Lighthouse was built in 1874 on the East shore of Lake Michigan, located in the Silver Lake State Park. The lighthouse was originally painted white and it appears today much as it did 120 years ago. In 1977, the white paint on the tower was removed by sandblasting to reveal the bricks natural color and eliminating the need to regular whitewashing. Click on this link to learn about touring the lighthouse and State Park:

Cape Lookout Lighthouse, NC

3.01" H X 2.33" W
76 mm x 59 mm

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse was built in 1812 and is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The original lighthouse was 96 feet high and encircled by a hexagonal wooden tower covered in cedar shingles and painted with wide, horizontal red and white stripes. In 1850 the lighthouse was in serious disrepair a new Cape Lookout Lighthouse was built in 1859 and stands 163 feet tall and now has a black and white diagonally checkered painted tower. Although the tower is closed to the public, the grounds are owned by the National Park Service and can be visited.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, NH

3.00" H X 2.56" W
76 mm x 65 mm

The Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse as built in 1771 at Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire. The original wood tower was replaced by another wooden tower in 1804. Then a cast-iron tower was built 1,000 feet east of the existing lighthouse and the old lighthouse was removed. Today the lighthouse is a white conical tower, with a fog signal house attached, built on Fort Point.

Timbalier Lighthouse, LA

2.99" H X 3.25" W
76 mm x 82 mm

The Timbalier Lighthouse was reported built in 1857 near the Timbalier Island in Louisiana. The tower was originally built upon a low sand beach. On March 29th and 30th a hurricane totally destroyed the lighthouse and it was not rebuilt until 1875. The lighthouse was placed in the water inside the island, which acted as an effective breakwater. This lighthouse tipped over because of scouring of the channel in 1894 and the present lighthouse was rebuilt in 1917. It is a white square tower on a wooden dwelling built on piles and stands in 6 feet of water off the north side of the east end of the island. The building is now used as a daybeacon.

Portland Head Lighthouse, ME

2.99" H X 3.71" W
76 mm x 94 mm

The Portland Head Lighthouse was built in 1790 and first lighted January 10th, 1791 and is located in Portland Harbor / Casco Bay near the town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The tower was built 72 feet high. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who was born in Portland, was a frequent visitor in his younger years. A hurricane on September 8th, 1869, and knocked out the fog bell into a ravine, nearly killing Joshua Strout the lighthouse keeper. A new tower with a 2,000 pound bell and a Stevens striking mechanism was built the following year. The Museum at Portland Head light opened in the former keeper’s house in 1992. The lighthouse is not open to the public.

Split Rock Lighthouse, MN

3.00" H X 3.64" W
76 mm x 92 mm

The Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910 on the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior about 18 miles north of Two Harbors, MN. The octagonal brick tower stands 54 feet high and is 168 feet above the level of the lake due to the height of the rock cliff on which it was built. A late November storm, known as the Mataafa Blow of 1905 was responsible for 30 ships being wrecked or damaged and prompted the building of the lighthouse. Eventually lighthouses and lightkeepers became obsolete with the advent of radar and Split Rock was decommissioned in 1969. The lighthouse is open to visitors and the beacon is lit once a year and the names of those who went down on the Edmond Fitzgerald are read. You can also visit the Split Rock State Park to learn more about the lighthouse:

Tybee Lighthouse, GA

3.01" H X 3.41" W
76 mm x 86 mm

The Tybee Lighthouse was built in 1736 and is located on Tybee Island in Georgia. The lighthouse has been rebuilt 2 times during the course of its life. The lighthouse is still active and in 1998 it underwent a major restoration. Visitors to the Tybee Island Lighthouse today are treated to one of America’s most intact and historic light stations. Click on the link to find our more:

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, CA

3.02" H X 2.32" W
76 mm x 59 mm

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1871 and the tower stands 115-feet tall, it is considered one of the tallest lighthouses in America. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is located 6 miles south of Pescadero, California. The lighthouse and land around it have been preserved as Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park. The lighthouse is still an active Coast Guard aid to navigation. As a State Historic Park the grounds of the lighthouse remain open for tours and overnight lodging, but the tower has been closed to tours since December 2001 because of a collapse of brickwork supporting the outside access walkways on the top structure. For more information on the lighthouse and state park please click here:

Price: $36.95
On Sale: $11.09
Sale Ends: (4/30/2018)

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